Virtual events. Real connections.

Tevent isn't a webinar - it's a place to host events, conferences or meetings, purpose-built to faithfully translate the social dynamics of in-person events. It's vibrant and user-led, not prescribed. Too good to be true? Sign up to find out.

With a multitude of formats - stage, rooms, cafe and stands, we provide a versatile toolset for groups of any kind and size to gather, share information and connect with one another.

Solutions for every need

A Vibrant Space - Scheduled talks, workshops and networking sessions. An always-on Cafe where attendees can socialise. Exhibition stands that can be browsed and manned by your staff. Chance encounters and 'nearby' live chat. It's a living, busy event.
Your Attendees Matter - Tevent's focus is on engaging, two way experiences where the presence of each attendee is felt, without infringing on the format. On Stage, attendees send live reactions, chat, Q&A and polls. In Rooms, they engage personally. Attendees are seen and felt wherever they are, making interactions spontaneous and natural throughout.
Network and Stay Connected - A built-in social network with group chats, video calls and more. Meet like-minded people or bump into old friends at the Cafe, Stands or during sessions. See users' cards, then connect to schedule meetings or stay in touch.
Rich Exhibition Stands - Showcase full HTML content - videos, responsive elements, forms are beautiful and simple to use. Add articles, e-commerce and files to your stand. Exhibitors see who's there and can engage immediately or follow up afterwards.
Employee Onboarding
A Warm Introduction - Meet your new employees with interactive talks, roundtables, workshops and independent learning via Stands. Who wants to be trained by a webinar?
Guide Them Through Sessions - Set up a day full of talks, workshops and independent learning. Collect or even gather information with Stands and Articles, which support full HTML content for custom forms, video content and more. It'll all be on their Agenda.
Bring Them Together - Schedule a session at the Cafe for employees to get to know each other. With a fully fledged social network built-in, they're encouraged to connect personally or in groups, through text, voice or video. Contacts remain after the event, creating a support network from day one.
Customer Onboarding
A Personal Experience - Bring customers in with a human touch. Our platform is built from the ground up to engage and connect people, encouraging two-way communication and feedback, from polls and Q&A, to intimate workshops and built-in social networking.
Impressions that Last - A beautiful, smooth and engaging first experience paves the way to strong relationships with your customers.
Tailor their Journey - Build a schedule for the event, automatically presented to attendees. Mix and match formats; attendees can rotate between tables, attend a talk in the Stage, or browse Stands at their own pace.
Effortless and Efficient - Remote onboarding previously meant setting up a glut of resources, scheduling a call manually and sending it to various participants. With built-in scheduling, ticket invites and flexible rooms, onboarding multiple customers in a joint session can be set up in a few clicks.
Meetups & Socials
User-Led, not Prescribed - Tevent is designed to recreate the free-form, fluid social interactions that make a gathering feel natural. A party where everyone stares at each other at once and one person speaks at a time, would resemble a video-conference; awkward. Let's take remote meetups seriously.
Mingle Between Tables - In Rooms, or at the Cafe, see who's on each table at once and move at a click. These can be named and sized by organisers for any purpose. Let attendees mingle on their own, rotate between tables, or drop in at will.
Mix Talks, Roundtables and Chats - Use our straightforward Agenda to structure time. You can give yourself a five minute talk to introduce, before sending your crowd off into themed Rooms to discuss various topics, finishing with free chatter in the Cafe or amongst themselves in private calls or group chats.

The richest
attendee experience

Fully Interactive Presentations

Real audiences in the Stage.

See the Audience - Unidirectional talks feel strange - plus, data shows they're a bad way to learn. Our stage is a two-way street, with interactivity at its core. Each audience member's presence is displayed, along with their current reaction via an emoji - a secure but engaging way to gain feedback. Secured live chat is not just for users - the speaker sees the live chat through the same interface, in real time.

Polls and Q&A by Merit - Users can vote on their favourite Q&A questions - the best rise to the top, to be answered by presenters.

Workshops, Seminars and Roundtables

No breakouts - just Rooms.

Intimate Sessions of Up to 30 with Ease - A Room is a fully interactive session with voice and video, wherein the host retains overall control. Participants can be muted all at once to control attention, or individually, by clicking their picture. Simple.

Same Session, Different Tables - Configurable areas, moved between at a click. Tables can be created immediately, named and size limited - making Rooms a dynamic space fit for any purpose. You can also see who's on every table, at once.

Malleable Tables Mean Possibilities - With nameable and individually flexible tables, attendees can be given a choice of multiple options, or rotate between them. Why isn't it always this easy?

Extroverted Social Space

Mingle at the Café.

Designed by You - In the Cafe, meetups can be set up at any time and by any user around any theme, with flexible tables to keep the conversation intimate and enable mingling between them; all can see who is on each table and switch at a click.

Like-Minded Meetings - In the Cafe, a shared user-selected topic or interest contextualises conversations. This fosters a natural social setting, rather than forcing users into timed or organiser-controlled formats. A 'chat from home' revolution needs warmer introductions.

Choose Freely. See who is at each table and the topic of conversation before joining- you can even check out the text chat before joining the table callroom. If you feel like moving on, it's easy to switch tables or to do something else entirely.

Dedicated Expo Area

Explore the exhibition Stands.

Show Anything Off. A stand is its own mini-exhibition, supporting all types of content - text, video, infographics, or e-commerce; you name it, a stand supports everything a website would.

A Living Space. See other attendees and exhibitors currently hanging around the stand. Chat to a rep with one-to-one questions at a click. Or, strike something up with a nearby stand-goer. Each stand has a built-in public chat for communal questions or chatter.

Built-In Personal Calendar

Never miss a beat.

Keep Track Automatically. Attendees click a button on each session to save it to their event calendar. That's it. Reminders and notifications for changes mean the end of hurried sign-ins or panicked mornings.

Pencil Yourself In. Invite contacts to pick a (free) time on your calendar to meet, removing the back-and-forth of arranging a meeting.

The smoothest
organiser experience

Simple, Streamlined Setup

Setup as easy as...

Just a few screens guide you through setting up the basic details of your Tevent. Don't worry, you can change them later.
Lay out sessions visually to build your event. Tracks separate content, curating distinct sets of talks, workshops and/or networking sessions to funnel the audience by intent. Attendees see the agenda just as you've created it.
Ticketing is a breeze. Set rules on public visibility of the event, or simply enter a list of emails and they'll receive sleek invitations to your Tevent with a schedule and all instructions enclosed. Wow attendees before they even arrive, without lifting a finger. Well, maybe one.
Built-in Personal Calendar

Seamless customisation for...

Speakers are picked through the platform or invited by email. They're granted automatic access to customise their allocated session through our straightforward Editor, or bring in their own staff. When it's showtime, assigned Speakers or staff go on stage without leaving the event. The entire process is self-contained within Tevent.
Our built-in HTML editor makes constructing beautiful stands simple and code-free - what you see, is what you get. Drag-and-drop images, videos, banners, animations, text and even custom HTML as blocks. During the event, the live format lets you welcome and chat to new entrants. Don't worry if you miss one; we aggregate this data for exhibitors to follow up with leads afterwards.
Assigned sponsors receive an email invite to our Editor, to upload resources and banners, or configure where attendees are taken once they click. Performance metrics are measured and displayed to sponsors through the same interface.
In-Depth Event Analytics

Analyse your audience.

Reviewing your event in-depth is a necessity - Tevent gives organisers, exhibitors and speakers information on how their sessions perform, without compromising on user privacy.

Merit Counts

See what your audience truly loved at a glance, by time or by content, through their use of our 'Merit' system for marking stand-out content.

User Sentiment

Were they laughing, crying or stunned? Compare the volume and type of user reactions to find out what your audience thought, without having to ask.

Top Stages

Compare the performance of your speakers - even during the event - by the number of users watching and their level of engagement.


See the size of your crowd at any time, across the entire Tevent or within specific locations.

Geographical Data

Visualise where your audience are, and clearly define the content that appealed most to particular areas.

Getting started with Tevent.