Become an Ambassador
We’re creating something very new, so we’re bringing together a varied group of organisers of events – from casual meetups to international societies and everything in between – to try our platform and feed back to us on what you want from it next. Your opinion will be crucial in helping us change virtual events for the better.
What's in it for me?
For our Ambassadors, we will be offering exclusive early access to the platform and to our community, including any events we run for networking or learning. You'll also have the chance to shape the platform, contributing to the creation of compelling virtual events.
Free Tevents
Host events with us at no charge, for three months.
Reporting and data on all facets of activity in your Tevents.
Our Service
Hands-on service throughout the creation and hosting of your Tevent, with our advice and guidance both on using our technology and on making your Tevent engaging.
Your Say
You will shape the future of virtual events, one vote and suggestion at a time.
Exclusive invites to our company Tevents - networking-focused gatherings of Ambassadors, event pros, thought leaders and investors.
What do I need to do?
Host events - gatherings, meetings or conferences.
Using Tevent, host as many or as few events as you like. We value input from any kind of event, from casual meetups to full-blown conventions.
Tell us what you think.
Roughly once per month, one of us - likely CEO Ahmed - will sit down to chat about your honest thoughts, be they complimentary or constructively negative. Both are equally valuable. Do not be afraid to tell it like it is – although we’re confident you’ll be impressed.
Suggest what comes to mind.
Offer suggestions and vote on others’ suggestions in our Ideas Hub.
Spread opinions as far and wide as possible.
Nobody believes marketing claims - we want real people convinced and convincing others of the value of Tevent. Tell a friend or two. Or a million. Outspoken ambassadors help us change virtual events for the better.
Getting started with Tevent.