Virtual is here to stay
Tevent is all about making the ‘new normal’ - normal. Once we build the means to meet, network and share from anywhere, will we go back to our old ways? After all, necessity is the mother of invention.
The story so far.
Tevent was dreamt up by childhood friends Alex and Ahmed, who had long been staying in touch and collaborating on small projects online after moving apart for university. Frustrated by uninspiring virtual events, and often excluded from physical ones, they decided to take matters into their own hands and take a wireframed design of a compelling events platform to investors. Ahmed brought a perspective on making events engaging through his work producing comedy events in London’s West End, while Alex brought a knack for design honed through creating jet turbines for Rolls-Royce.
Eight months, three employees and two lockdowns later, the pandemic has brought an inevitable future into the present. The elitist culture of physical conferencing is neither productive nor sustainable. That’s why, in both our seed rounds, not a single investment pitch was unsuccessful.
The world has had to adapt quickly to working and connecting remotely, but we’ve been doing it for over a decade. Now, we’re working hard to make sure you can too.
Our founders.
Tevent was dreamt up by childhood friends Alex and Ahmed, who had long been staying in touch and collaborating on small projects online after moving apart for university.
Some of our team.
When building the team for Tevent, location was no object. Fortunately, they enlisted the backend expertise of another schoolmate, Tim Jones, to implement a bespoke cloud architecture for handling the unique mechanisms of the platform. Then, Dr. Luana Nunes used her coding prowess to tag-team on the frontend with Alex – who is also hands-on with the codebase itself. Finally, Mohja Amer came in with a mission to communicate her belief in virtual and specifically Tevent, to the outside world. I’m writing this right now – hello.
We're working differently.
100% Remote
Tevent was dreamt up, designed and developed without ever being in the same room. We use online collaboration tools every day – that’s why we know them so well.
A wealth of backgrounds and experiences help us design a platform that works for all, not just a particular group.
No Tevent employee has set hours. We work because we want to and relax when we can’t.
How we've grown.
Tevent has already come a long way in just a short time - and we're only just getting started.
Founded in March 2020, by long time friends Alex and Ahmed, Tevent was an organic response to the untenability of the event landscape.
We have secured significant financial backing from leading Silicon Valley investors to support development.
Our progressive approach to work means we aren’t restricted geographically and can focus instead on hiring based on talent.
Our investors.
Our Investors are a diverse group of industry experts, who believe in Tevent's vision as much as we do.
Leslie Stretch
CEO at Medallia
Rory Cameron
EVP at Medallia
Jimmy Duan
CCO at Medallia
Shreesha Ramdas
Co-Founder of Strikedeck
Nathalie Scardino
SVP at Salesforce
Venky Ganti
Co-Founder of
Getting started with Tevent.
Alex Dobson
Future Gas Turbine Design Engineer - Rolls-Royce Plc.
First Class Hons. Master’s in Mech. Engineering - University of Manchester
Published Academic in Advanced Bionic Design and Manufacture
Alex has always shown an excitement for innovation. While at UoM, Alex developed a revolutionary design for a robotic prosthetic limb - chosen for publication in a peer reviewed journal before he’d even graduated. For his master’s degree, Alex led a team of post-graduates to international success by becoming the winners in a design innovation competition for their creation of a bionic prosthetic hand.
Following university, Alex maintained his haste for success, joining Rolls-Royce as a graduate engineer, and moving through roles as an analyst, researcher and finally a design engineer for future gas turbines. Alex has established an extensive knowledge of C#, C, Python, MATLAB, HTML, CSS and JavaScript through his education and pastime programming and designing mobile applications and games.
Ahmed Amer
Postgrad in Physics Education (IOP Scholar) - University of Cambridge
First Class Hons. BSc Physics - University College London
Event Organiser at Tenured Venue in London’s 'West End'
From an early age, Ahmed demonstrated enormous potential, taking multiple examinations years early. He achieved three consecutive Gold awards in the UKMT Math. Challenge (top 6%) and straight A* grades in his high-school exams, then a First in BSc Physics. He gained a prestigious £28,000 Institute of Physics scholarship to attend University of Cambridge. There, he performed with the famed ‘Footlights’ comedy troupe. Ahmed enjoyed studying Economics during college, scoring full marks in multiple module exams.
Ahmed now runs two self-employed businesses. The first is in events, organising a stand-up comedy night at tenured venue The Albany, host to comedy events since the 80s. He has hosted high-profile UK comics including the current Edinburgh Award winner – comedy’s biggest award globally. He also offers private pre-university Physics tuition, partnering a not-for-profit organisation benefiting disadvantaged students.
Dr Luana Nunes
Experienced Full-stack App Developer
PhD in Computational Decision Making, MSc (Distinction) in Data Communication Eng. - University of Sheffield
Published Academic in Computational Decision Making
After placing in the top 5% of her undergraduate cohort, and earning a distinction in her Master’s degree, Luana’s doctoral research explored ethological decision making, through the use of an algorithm inspired by the human brain. Whilst at university, she also ran STEM outreach workshops with schoolchildren, to the end of encouraging more female students to pursue studies in such areas. She then spent several years working as a Full Stack App Developer, working primarily on web based apps, before joining us here at Tevent.
Luana also set up and ran a Code Club at the Archer Project, a charity where she helped vulnerable adults learn the basic principles of coding, whilst her academic work has been chosen for publication by The Royal Society.'
Tim Jones
Proud dog owner and C#/.NET and open-source obsessive.
Five years experience as a lead developer in Forensic Police & Counter-Terrorism Software
Founded a software contracting firm at the age of 24
Tim is obsessed with coding with the SOLID principles, and is eager to spot design patterns. His love of lateral thinking in architecture and platform design, afford Tevent both scalability and speed. He’s selected Blazor as the cutting-edge technology of choice to power Tevent’s frontend, and a plethora of Azure services to power the backend, whilst his C# expertise allow him to work across the entire forward-thinking stack. Before Tevent, Tim worked for several years as tech lead, developing forensic video retrieval and processing solutions, before founding his own software company that he continues to oversee.
When not coding, or spending time with border collie Dexter, Tim is a keen cyclist who has cycled 1000 miles across Europe twice for charity.
Mohja Amer
First Class History BA – University of Warwick
Dick Camplin Education Trust Scholar
Former Homegrown Strategist at BBH
A stand-out academic record evidences Mohja’s affinity for concepts data and detail. Linguistic flair and creativity have characterised successful pursuits, both academic and professional, whilst her commitment to volunteering projects, particularly Student Action For Refugees, has been commendable on similar grounds. She is a keen writer and arts enthusiast, having volunteered with BBH Labs and the annual Unsigned Exhibition whilst working as a Strategist in London, in addition to publishing work drafted independently.
Mohja is also active in outreach work, from tutoring and mentoring to fundraising, and has been a scholar as part of the Dick Camplin Education Trust for over three years, as well as a member of the Social Mobility Foundation since leaving secondary school.